Five Things #6

Thank you to everyone who joined in with Five Things #5 – Photography. What a great response was fabulous. There are a couple of links from bloggers who aren’t part of our normal sex blogging crowd. Some great photos on the posts though and anyone is welcome. If you haven’t already, go look at all the wonderful posts.

Welcome to week 5 – Love, Sex and Romance

Five Things is a weekly meme which asks contributors to share Five things about a topic. It is open to both bloggers and anyone with a Twitter account, because you can tweet 5 things really easily! All I would ask is that you read up on the rules / how to join in section before jumping in. Otherwise bloggers, just write a blog post, grab the badge and off you go. Don’t forget to link up below. 

Tweeters can either use the hashtag #FiveThings or else link up to the pinned tweet on my twitter page – @mpbjulie

5 words, 5 sentences or a whole blog post are all fine. 

I hope you will enjoy participating and will visit each others posts and tweets and leave comments where you can. Most of all have fun!

Love, Sex and Romance

In case you haven’t noticed Monday next week is St Valentines. But this isn’t just about over priced romance that takes place once a year. No, this is about the whole caboodle. Love, sex and romance.

  • Is Valentines a special time for you and your partner, or do you tend to leave it for others and do your own thing?
  • Maybe you’re single right now and don’t want to even hear about it. Or maybe you love to treat yourself.
  • What does romance actually mean for you? While we are about it what about love and sex?
  • I’ve written before about love and sex and whether you can have one without the other. What do you think?
  • What are your thoughts on sex vs making love

Whatever your thoughts on love, sex and romance, share them below.

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