Joining In

Welcome to Five Things. This is a weekly Meme open to everyone with and without a blog. That’s because Five Things is so simple that you can even join in through Twitter. Each week on a Friday a new prompt post will be published asking you to write Five (5) things about the topic in question. The prompt may be a quote, word, photo or else something with a little more explanation. Likewise your response may be a few (perhaps 5) words or sentences, a longer story or fact based post or whatever you feel like writing. All I ask is that you contribute 5 things.

How to Participate

  1. Read the prompt

2. Write some words, sentences or a blog post

3. Use the badge / code below and link up using the link-up tool or twitter (use #FiveThings)

4. Read, comment and share other posts and tweets

A Few Rules

This is a sex blog and many of the participants will be sex bloggers, so adult content is not only fine but positively encouraged. Therefore you much be over 18 to join in

NSFW and adult content is great, but nothing illegal. Please use Content Warnings if upset or offence is possible.

This is a sex, kink, age and LBGTQIA positive space, submissions linking to sites not supporting and embracing these values will be deleted if necessary.

The prompt is there for guidance only. But 5 things is the rule – please stick to it if you can.

Words or pictures are fine within your post. Ask permission and credit the artist if the image isn’t yours. Word limit is between 5 and any amount you choose. Short is excellent, but long is great too. It all depends on how much you have to say.

Rules may be changed at any time

Read and share other people’s work where possible. Use the Hashtag #FiveThings

Have Fun

Grab the badge or code here:

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